My fellow Americans.

Because of the need to fix the economic crisis, and halt the Obama / Soros menace

I am running for President against the Washington DC establishment, the liberal democrats and republican leadership and their think tank institutions, collectively they created the culture that allowed for a heinous crime of financial violence to be committed against the American people, their families, investments and businesses.

You Must Reject "The Politician" Candidates:

Any candidate who was previously elected to any political office prior to 2010, do not deserve to get your vote on the basis of them having a conflict of interest because they all partake in the Washington DC culture of corruption; they are all compromised by lobbyists, members of Managed Funds Association; the hedge fund short sellers on wall street and their strategic partners; Goldman sachs, NYSE, UBS etcetera.

The architects of the economic crisis, members of Managed Funds Association feels quite comfortable at home in the well of the senate, and halls of congress. They have direct line access to policy makers, regulators and the news media; they are an integral part of the Washington DC establishment who wants now, as they did in 2008, to dictate to you who the next President should be.

You must reject their candidate in favor of the outsider, the non politician citizen candidate from among "we the people" Tea Party Americans. 

My Plea To You 

As you have done in 2010 with the election of Tea Party freshmen to congress, you should do so again in 2012 presidential primaries and general elections, reject the career politicians,  elect more Tea Party freshmen into the senate, congress and into the white house.

You will reclaim your country when you reclaim the white house with a conservative "we the people" President who understands the wiring, the nuts and bolts of capitalism, and can put back together our disabled economic vehicle to start running smooth, and start creating jobs again.

The people you had elected prior to 2010 and trusted have failed you. It is  madness to keep reelecting them and expecting a different result.

It is madness to reward them with a higher office and responsibility because they appear on TV and you think you know them. They are all incapable of fixing this economic crisis, (they do not know how to) if they did, they would have fixed it by now since they are in position of power to do so.

Do not for one minute believe their empty words.

The reward for failure to perform should not be a promotion.

If the candidate was a former governor, a former senator or in the congress and appears on TV regularly; they are in a position of power and influence.

They had four years to fix the economic crisis and they all failed. Now they are asking you to give them four more years to do more of the same. Do not get fooled again.

They can not solve the puzzle of the economic crisis from the same level of consciousness in which they were in when they helped create the problem; they are part and parcel of the culture which spun the crisis.

They have no clue what they're doing. 

And you frankly, the American people, you are out of options, there is no more room for errors, it is time to get it right, the 2012 presidential election is our last chance to defend the republic, save the country and the economy, and repel the tyranny of socialism which is fast approaching, for USA survival as a capitalist nation.

You can not make one more mistake and elect the wrong candidate: The US economy will collapse into a double dip depression, America will be irreparably ruined, there will be no second chance to correct your vote, no do over, America will be finished, and will cease to exist as a global economic super power to the joy and celebration of those united in hate against us; the Marxists and the Islamists.

Their man is the present occupier of the white house. Barack Obama.

In Conclusion:

If you know in your heart that the Presidential candidates whom you have seen on TV have no clue how to fix this economic crisis, You have to give me your vote for the love of country.

America needs you to give me your vote; to allow me to fix this economic crisis, by solving the home mortgage crisis, fix and stabilize the housing market, fix and stabilize the broken stock market, heal the private sector economy so it can start creating jobs and bring the unemployment rate below 5% and keep it below 5%, and to restore the American dream, a healthy private sector economy and America’s leadership role as the global economic super power.

The following is a summary, bullet points of specifics; guidelines of how I will fix the economic crisis:


(1) Reinstate the uptick rule.

"Sign up for economic recovery and restoration This is our last chance to defend the republic, save the country and the economy, and repel the tyranny of socialism which is fast approaching, for USA survival as a capitalist nation".

(2) Abolish mark-to-market accounting completely, and replace it with historic cost accounting.

(3) Dismantle and discontinue trading on all the short ETFs, also called leveraged inverse ETFs.

(4) Reinstate the circuit breakers and trading curb.

(5) Regulate the Hedge Funds just like you do mutual funds and pension funds.

(6) Regulate speculation on crude oil futures by banning margin and leveraging except for the airline industry or any other end user that can actually take delivery of the commodity.

(7) Reduce interest rate for residential home mortgages to 3.5% for every American. Including the so called rich people with jumbo loans, they are Americans too. Implement a housing market stabilization program with a Five year home loan payment forbearance in exchange for (plus) 5 year mortgage life extension retroactive. ( From November 5th 2008, or January 1st 2009) with the initial teaser rate converted to a fully amortized rate over 35 - 40 yrs. with no loss of invested capital to the lenders.

I need your support.

Vote for me

Vote for Restoration

Thank you.

And God Bless

Zubi Diamond

Zubi Diamond for President -